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Limited Edition Tantus: Neon

Today some folks over at EF started a thread about the new limited edition Tantus neon products! I don’t own anything from Tantus yet, but some of their plugs look absolutely gorgeous. They’re made of 100% medical grade silicone as well, which makes them perfect for disinfecting because they can be wiped down with a …

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The Dangers of Extra-Marital Sex

This is not going to be a post on the horrible, life altering things that will happen to you if you have sex outside of marriage. I promise I am not a bible-belt, gun-toting conservative woman who is going to lecture you all about how you’re siding with the devil if you aren’t going to …

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Hey, Epiphora!

If you all haven’t gone to visit Hey, Epiphora! yet, I hope you just stopped reading this post because you should have clicked that link instead. Epiphora writes some of the most fun, detailed, and useful toy reviews I’ve ever seen. She’s got a fantastic sense of humor, and will always do her best to …

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Spray-on Condoms: Great idea, wrong audience?

Yesterday some folks linked me to an article about the development of spray-on condoms, and I was intrigued. I read more about them in an article from Time magazine, and I’m pretty intrigued. My first thoughts were ‘hey, this could be the next generation of safer sex’ followed by ‘wait, how does this work’? The …

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Getting Involved

I have officially completed my second review over at EF! I’m currently involved in the Mentor Program there, and I’ve decided to do one more review in the program before VieuxCarre graduates me. It’s too bad that I can’t post my reviews so far here, but they are being beautifully retained over at EF. Once …

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