Erogenous Zones 2: Face

This is week two of Lily’s Erogenous Zones series.

Oddly enough, I’ve never considered my face an erogenous zone. There aren’t too many things anyone can do with my face to elicit a hot and sexy response.

The things that work:

  • Pressing a hand over my eyes, nose, or mouth. It’s one of my favourite ways to be dominated, and even better if you can do all three at once.
  • Slapping my face
  • Stroking my cheek with a devilish look in your eyes

Everything else I like is just…sweet. Like someone running a hand down my cheek, or kissing my eyelids, or nuzzling against my nose. I also like to have M run a finger across my lips. The difference in the sweetness and the hotness is all in the kink, how much my face is forced to perform tasks, and how much my senses are impaired.

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