Ami and Pregnancy

I was browsing my site stats today when I noticed that one of my visitors had searched for information on using the Je Joue Ami during pregnancy. Though I’m not an expert, I wanted to comment here with my opinion should this visitor (or others) have the same question again.

Firstly, if you are asking this question then I highly suggest you ask your doctor and obgyn. They will understand your specific pregnancy the best and can advise you on which behaviors are okay, which might be uncomfortable, and which are no-nos during your pregnancy.

As far as I know from my human sexuality course in college, I would treat Ami the same way you are currently treating sexual intercourse. Most resources online and in textbooks will tell you that sexual activity (including penetration and orgasm) should be acceptable during pregnancy unless you have a history of miscarriages, heavy bleeding, or other complications with your pregnancy. Most of the issues that arise are finding a comfortable position for sexual activity that does not put unneeded stress on the uterus.

With the Ami, I doubt you will need to worry about the positioning issue. The kegel balls should not be far enough in your vagina to hit the cervix or interfere with the uterus, placenta, or the os (the cervix opening through which your water will eventually break). Exercising your PC muscle should also not have any negative effects, since these same muscles are used during orgasm and research seems to indicate no issues with orgasms during pregnancy.

Once again, I want to stress that I have no professional training in sexual education or pre-natal care, so please please take the opportunity to talk to your doctor. Also speak with your partner about how comfortable both of you are with the choices you are making, and whatever happens make the choice that works best for you.

If anyone reading this has a better idea of using kegel exercisers during pregnancy or is a professional, please leave your comments below! I’d love to hear your experiences and knowledge :)

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