Custom Glass Kegel Exerciser

I’ve been lucky enough in my stumblings across the interwebs to find a sexy gem in the Etsy community…MJ42! J makes a range of beautiful glass items, from pipes to pendants to ornaments! He even has a glass version of the Elder Wand from Harry Potter. Hell to the yeah. My favourite items, however, are over at his mature shop. He’s got an amazing collection of glass dildos and kegel exercisers, and he’ll even custom-design one to fit your specific needs!

I contacted J on the off-chance he’d sponsor a review, and boy am I a lucky duckling. J has made me my very own glass kegel exerciser using my favourite colours and matching the size request I gave him! I can’t wait till it gets here in the mail and I can review it for you all. I’ll be asking him some fun interview questions as well, so if you’ve got a question for him, comment away and I’ll add it to the list :D


  1. 1

    Totally awesome! Can’t wait to read the review.

  2. 2
    Misfit Momma aka Missy

    Awesome! I’ve had my eye on MJ42′s shop ever since I did the Handmade With Love event. I’m amazed by what can be made out of a piece of glass!

  3. 3

    That’s impressive looking! I’m really looking forward to seeing the review! :)

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