EF Contest: Lelo Siri

If you haven’t yet checked out this week’s contest at EdenFantasys, it’s time! The first prize is a Siri/Intima gift set, followed by a Siri in your choice of colour. Third place even gets you a $25 gift card! Siri is a beautiful clitoral vibrator by LELO that comes in three colours; pink, red, and purple. They all look just beautiful and surely nestle into the palm of your hand. They’re rechargeable as well, so if you’re looking to save the environment (or you just hate changing batteries), you’re in for a special treat.

Truth be told, I’ve been hoping for a Siri for a while. I’m discovering more and more how much pressure I need on my clit to orgasm, and I’ve been shopping around for a clitoral vibrator ever since. I just can’t decide which one I want! Lelo makes quite a few and the Layaspot looks nice as well. Honestly? I think it’ll come down to whichever one I get my hands on for free, first. It’ll happen eventually! Until then, I’ll just keep messing with my vibrators and my BDSM toys. Which reminds me, I have a few to review this week. And clean! Graduation is only a few weeks away and my parents are helping me move, so I need to get everything packed up before they get here.

Anyways, go check out the contest and try and win a Siri for yourself! Or, you know, win it and then send it over to me :D

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