WW: Birth Control is Sexy

Because I am definitely not ready to have kids.



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  1. Pixel Kitten

    Being responsible about birth control is definitely sexy, especially when presented like that. -purr-

  2. HisPleasuresnPearls

    Ohhh yea now thats what im talking about!!!!

  3. Twisted Finger

    Rowr!! Safe is sexy!!!

  4. Molly

    I have to admit that I am delighted that Sir has had the snip……as there is definitely no more babies for this little slut

    Great Pic


  5. Arthur & Annabelle

    Excellent shot… but I am a bit bemused by how much your packaging looks like candy with the bubble-blister-pack and candy colours. What I’ve seen here in OZ just looks so much more… industrial almost :P

    - Arthur

  6. tori

    Could not agree more! And that’s the same BC I take…. :)

  7. Kayla

    Nom noms safer sex! :) Cute!

  8. Dusk

    Thanks everyone! Glad you all liked this week’s shot. I’m planning on participating again next week. Only what to do, what to do…

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