The Pelvic Junction

I really, really, really hate my pelvic bone.

Items that enter my vagina — non-microscopic items, that is — have a strange and terrible journey to make. My body is an evil, sadistic bitch. It invites things into my vagina with soft lips, opening wide at a touch, beautiful to behold. But then, about an inch or two in, is the terrible Pelvic Junction.

I don’t know what else to call it. It’s like a terrible, menacing gate at the castle of my womanhood. Past the beautiful gardens and the moat, it bears down upon anything entering. I’ve learned about the vagina, about how it stretches and accommodates items of many sizes….babies….you know, that kind of thing. It takes practice and time, of course (nothing stretches miles in one go). But for me, there’s that damn pelvic bone jutting out in just the wrong place and no amount of stretching is going to make it move out of the damn way.

Oddly enough, I didn’t think to ask my OB-GYN about this when I went in a month ago.

It seemed a problem only in regards to sex toys. I have to be careful about the angle they go in and out, and when it comes to larger objects like kegel balls, I brace myself for the painful popping feeling I have to endure upon removal. It’s only a split second, but it still makes me think sometimes that I’d rather just leave the damn things in a while longer. The Gigi catches painfully on my pelvic bone if I don’t angle it just right, and it took me half an hour to get the Vamp past the black gate.

I’m sick of it. What the hell am I going to do when I want children someday? I’m pretty sure they’re not going to be happy having to battle that damn thing on the way out. The Pelvic Junction. It’s dark, menacing, and a total pain in the vagina.


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    Lucid Obsession

    I’ve seen several people talk about this and about how toys hang on the pelvic bone but I have yet to experience it. My problem with insertion is just stretching myself enough. I really think I have “child bearing hips” and I have no intentions to ever have children…

    1. 1.1

      I wish I could take them from you. I envy people who just need to be stretched a little more :P

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    Sometimes, G-spot toys will hang on my pelvic bone, but it’s not like this outrageous thing, it helps me position the toy better. I think I have “child-bearing hips” like Lucid. I’m so sorry this is an issue for you! I do have to be careful about yanking big toys out, but outside of that, I love girth and as long as I’m adequately prepared, it’s not a problem. But we are all different, and none of us are less because of it, so it’s all a matter of making sure you’re comfy!

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