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I recently read a new post by Dangerous Lilly that is far too amazing not to write about and comment on here. A few days ago she posted an extensive article on blog design and how important it is to maintain readability without sacrificing your individual style. I think every new and seasoned blogger should read this and take another look at their blog layout with a critical eye. Is your blog readable in different browsers? Is it easy to find important contact information, RSS feeds, and archives? Do the colours burn a hole in your retina?

Lilly discusses some important points, such as keeping your sidebars clean, not using white text on a dark background, and using plug-ins such as Firebug to check and change your CSS easily and painlessly.

For more tips, tricks, and what-not-to-dos (along with some hilarious opinionated shit) please visit Dangerous Lilly’s Blogger Education post. <3

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    Dangerous Lilly says:

    Thank you for the mention, darlin.

    I got yer opinionated shit right here, by the truckload, yo.


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