Lets Talk About Sex….Education

Babeland’s holding a little contest regarding sex ed this month, and I had a bit of a rant that fits this niche perfectly.

At my undergraduate institution, we have a column every week called “Sex on Tuesday”. It’s usually one of my favourite pieces of the paper and I’ve known M to cut out and save some of his favourite articles. The campus has hosted a varied array of Sex on Tuesday columnists, some of them good, some bad, and some that were fired after a few weeks.

My third year there, we had one of the worst writers (and one of the worst people to publicly talk about sex) ever. We’ll say for privacy sake that his name is Ahmad, but I’m almost tempted to just blast his real name everywhere for how irritated I was with him. Anyway, Ahmad started the year as a seemingly annoying-but-realistic college kid who attended frat parties and loved blow jobs. Okay, that’s fine. Part of the draw of the article is student writers being honest and open about their sex lives so it doesn’t seem such a taboo topic. But one day, I opened the paper to find an article about how guys with low self-esteem, a bad image, or extreme nerves should get girls drunk at parties so it’s easier to have sex with them.

Um, no. NO. NO. There was, expectedly, a campus outrage and yet the newspaper kept Ahmad in the column. He wrote some bullshit apology letter that everyone knew was a piece of crap, and his articles got worse as the week went on. I wondered how long it would be until this kid found out he knocked up some girl and got her pregnant, or something. He wasn’t exactly the best role model.

The hilarious, ironic ending to this story is that I ended up taking a class with Ahmad during my senior year. Guess which class?

Topics in Sexual Health.

I think this dumbass should have taken the class before writing a column on sex. Just to make sure he knew what he was talking about. Because I hate to think the influence he had over some nerdy guy with low-self esteem who decided to knock up a drunk girl at a frat party.



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    Noira Celestia says:

    That’s really sad. I agree that it’s great for the paper to have sexuality in an open positive light, but it should be done in a way that healthy is safe. Promoting sexual abuse isn’t okay. I don’t think he should have been allowed to continue a column after encouraging getting girls drunk to have sex with them.

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      Dusk says:

      It really did make me sad. College students receive enough negative and unhealthy images and opinions about sex, they didn’t need one printed in a newspaper.

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