Review: 52 Sex Position Cards

Since losing my virginity1 I’ve been rather interested in trying out various sexual positions. Many things such as missionary don’t work well for M and I due to my large thighs and the fact that he’s over a foot taller than me. When the 52 Sex Position Cards by Avelli popped up as a Babeland review option, I knew I wanted to get them.

These 52 cards are great fun, whether you choose one every week or you grab a random one every day. They come in a cute box that has an outer sheath and an open-top card holder within. The sheath features a flesh-and-blood heterosexual couple tangled within one another with the title “52 Sex Positions Flash Cards: ignite a year’s worth of mind-blowing sex!” nicely covering the man’s ass. On the flip side is a short description of the set alone with an example of what the cards look like. I wish the card holder inside was made of plastic though, because the folded-cardboard edges always cause a few cards to get stuck in the bottom. You have to struggle to pry them out.

Each card features a position demonstrated by a nicely-drawn man and woman. They aren’t stick figures but the images do not show genetalia and the woman’s breasts do not show nipples either. The position is titled and instructions are given for Him and Her. There is also a how to demonstrating if the position is best for thrusting, rocking, etc. Finally in the top left corner, each position has a difficulty rating from one to five stars.

M and I enjoyed the variety of cards in this package, but as with any collection of positions, they will not all be feasible for any given couple. We were unable to do the couple of positions that involved us facing each other on our sides, but other couples told us they had no trouble with these positions. Some of these also take a little bit of practice and awkward shuffling, especially since some of the drawings only show one leg for the man and woman – the leg facing the viewer. It can sometimes be very confusing where your other leg is supposed to go.

One hilarious card, pointed out by a few other bloggers as well, is a bucket of fail. Can you see the problem? Apparently this couple had someone else’s heads spliced onto their bodies.

Overall, I would recommend these cards to anyone! They’re fun to flip through and you and your partner can make a game of trying out the different positions. These would also make a cute addition to a gift basket for a newlywed couple or a couple who has just moved in with each other, etc. I do wish they would make a set of cards each for lesbian and gay couples or a deck that features positions for all three.

You can get these cute and affordable cards at Babeland for only $9!

This product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with FTC guidelines.


  1. Everyone has their own definition, I consider my own virginity to be PIV sex []


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    Lucid Obsession says:

    It is nice to have some other gender-combo couples thrown in, though it’s not something that really bothers me. There are some (but not many) products specifically for other types of couples. I have a book of just lesbian sex positions I’m working on a review for. It would be nice to see them increase in frequency though.

  2. 2
    Angel Smalls says:

    omg! that last *four star* “lap dance’ card! totally. awesome! lololol! way way cool. thanks!

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