Review: The Dark Vamp

This past year, as many of you know, I participated in Relay for Life. RFL is a 24-hour event held in local communities to raise money for the American Cancer Society and represents the ongoing battle of cancer patients, survivors, and their families. My team raised over a thousand dollars for ACS this year and I was damn proud of that fact. I was even more excited when I discovered that Tantus had formed a team; not only that, but they were selling a special edition of the Vamp dildo to raise money for RFL.

This beautiful special-edition dildo is a deep, iridescent purple version of that thing often known as the “Twilight Dildo“. The original Vamp is one of a kind, a pearly white dong that sparkles in the sunlight. Sparkly is great, but I’ve never been a fan of white and thinking of Edward just reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. Not really what I want in a dildo. When I saw the Dark Vamp, however, I knew I had to have it.

One reason it took me so long to pick up the Dark Vamp was its size. At 1.5″ diameter, the Dark Vamp is by far the girthiest dildo I’ve inserted to date. I was hoping that the large size would serve as a fun way to make intercourse more comfortable for myself in the long run. I also liked the look of the Dark Vamp – it’s smooth, medical grade silicone with a beautiful pronounced head. Even with the knowledge that the head would likely catch on my pubic bone, I needed the Dark Vamp in my collection.

This dildo arrived in Tantus’s newest packaging, a clear plastic bag closed by a stapled cardboard tag at the top. While the packaging isn’t the most stunning on the market, I do appreciate Tantus’s efforts to make their products more environmentally friendly by using way less packaging. For those whom discreetness is an issue, hide your dildo once it arrives. You can see the whole thing through the package. Even the shipping box has a huge label – SEX TOY INSIDE. Just kidding. Tantus ships all of its toys in unmarked boxes so no one will know what’s inside unless you ask!

After fawning over my Dark Vamp in its package for a few days, I finally got to open and try it out. Unfortunately, I discovered that mine contained a defect where the silicone wasn’t finished off properly in one area. It was peeling and looked like someone had stuck a small knife straight into my precious dildo. Never fear! I contacted Jenn over Twitter and she immediately sent me a new one. How cool is that? She even gave me more stickers after providing me with a stockpile in the first package. My new dildo? Just as beautiful and totally flawless.

My first time using the Dark Vamp, it took me an awfully long time warming up to get it in. It took some porn, a small vibrator, and about half an hour to insert more than an inch or two the first time. I already knew the shape of the Vamp was going to be tricky on my pelvic bone, and as I reached that threshold the pain set in. I waited a few more minutes, lubed up, and tried again. When I finally got the Vamp in, I chose not to thrust but instead to wiggle the base back and forth. It was a pleasant sensation paired with a vibrator on my clit and I didn’t have to worry about that pesky pelvic bone angle for a little while. After a brilliant orgasm, I braved the ‘pop’ of pulling the dildo back out, past that pelvic junction. It was a bit painful, but not impossible.

Since that first time, things have gotten easier. The Dark Vamp is still girthy but gives me a wonderful full feeling when I finally get it in. My partner got to help me play with it last time and I enjoyed every moment. I even got to try the Dark Vamp in my SpareParts harness and I convinced M to let me thrust into his mouth. Let me tell you, I had a blast.

When it comes to cleaning the Dark Vamp, you can use soap and water, throw it in the dishwasher, or boil it. Boiling is the best choice if you’re going to be sharing this toy, as the silicone can be completely disinfected. Be sure to store Tantus dildos in a plastic bag of some kind because they do pick up lint very easily. When you’re ready to use it again, just give it a quick rinse under the tap.

Unfortunately the Dark Vamp is a limited edition product – feel free to contact @Tantus_Jenn and find out if there are any left! If not, perhaps you can convince them to make more next year. If you like white and sparkly, head on over and grab a Vamp for yourself or for a vampire-loving friend. It’s got just the right amount of bite.


  1. 1
    Kayla says:

    I love the purple color of this one. So cute! Good review.

  2. 2
    Misfit Momma aka Missy says:


    Hahahahaha! I wish Tantus could accept PayPal from their website.

    1. 2.1
      Dusk says:

      I checked with them on Twitter today and they do now!

  3. 3
    Pixel says:

    Ooh, the purple is sexy as hell. I love the shape of the Vamp too…wish I had the extra funds to get one. I can’t bring myself to buy, let alone use, a sparkly vampire dildo…my Master would kill me! lol

  4. 4
    Alegria says:

    I had the same problem with Gigi/Ella catching my pubic bone. Try turning the ridge to the side when inserting and removing. It’s easier to angle it in comfortably that way, I’ve found.

    Btw, soooo jealous of you having this toy. It’s always been so gorgeous to me.

    1. 4.1
      Dusk says:

      Thank you for the suggestion! I will certainly try that because yeah, I have the exact same problem with the Gigi/Ella.

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