M and I have been in a rut lately and this past weekend, it came down to a sinister point. We were fighting; we barely spoke to each other for two days. I spoke with my best friend about figuring out what I needed to do. Whether we should just end it and move on with our lives.

Somehow we got through it. We talked about how we were both feeling and we made a few decisions, a few agreements to work on things. I’m no longer taking my bc pills until I can go to the doctor again and get on something else. Hopefully I’ll find something that works, eventually. All I know is that being on the pills kills my sex drive and while I can handle that just fine, M can’t.

We’ve been trying to rekindle the flame. I got a package with a few fun items and lingerie today – looking forward to trying them out and finishing reviews I’ve got on hold here. I’m also looking forward to being able to write for you all again, even if it comes back a bit slowly. I missed you.

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