TMI Tuesday: 8/2…Extremely Late

As you may have noticed, I’m sorta-kinda back from hiatus. Until the end of this month I’m in orientation for work and finding myself busy from nine to five along with having a massive to-do list. It’s like learning to walk again except more grown-up and I have to know everything well enough to teach it to new people in just a couple of weeks.

I’m trying to come back to blogging, etc. as much as I can while still focusing on my first professional position. As it was, this week was hectic and I didn’t have much time to sit down and write until now. So, look what I’ve got for you…..TMI TUESDAY! Yep, I know it’s Friday but you’ll just have to deal.


1. What is your favorite summer clothing item or outfit? I really enjoy spending my summer wearing as little clothing as possible. This includes swimsuits, tank tops, shorts, and sundresses. Two of my favourites are these plaid sundresses that show off my cleavage really well while looking naive and innocent. I have one in a blue/green combination for bright, sunny, happy days and one in purple/magenta for evenings because it reminds me of the sky at dusk.

2. Did you or will you take a summer vacation? If yes, where did you go? I took a summer vacation with M to San Antonio. He originally wanted to go to Vegas but I don’t gamble much and can’t afford to see shows like Cirque de Soleil((though I would if I could)). Since I stopped in Vegas for one night on the way home from school and had already walked down the strip, I didn’t feel like paying to go back. Instead we had a romantic road trip and weekend away from my parents at the Riverwalk. It was beautiful.

3. What is your ideal weekend away (e.g. city, beach or wilderness)? I will choose to go to the beach every time, given the opportunity. I love not having to rush to events or attractions, rather to just sit and enjoy the sun and the breeze.

4. What would you pack for a naughty weekend? Definitely some condoms, my leather cuffs, bondage tape, and some lube. It’s always nice to take the blindfold and some new toys along as well :)

5. What item(s) do you never unpack, never take out of the luggage from trip to trip? I always unpack (eventually) because I don’t have trips that much back-to-back.

6. Last vacation sex‚Ķ Tell us what happened Wouldn’t you like to know? Let’s just say we had a ridiculous amount of fun with nude photography in the hotel room and then experimenting on different pieces of furniture.

7. Which celebrity would you like to be locked in a hotel room with for 24 hours and what would you do to them. Viggo Mortensen – if I wasn’t with my partner, I would have him screw me silly and force me to endure him rubbing his man-stubble against my neck. Even better if he could show up in his Aragorn gear. Mmmm.

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