Some of you may follow Screaming Violet, and if so you know that she is hosting Red October, a month-long celebration of that time of the month. As usual I wanted to be involved but wasn’t sure what to write about, so you’re going to get a freely written dose of my feelings on the entire matter.

I hate my period. I’ve heard women talk about it as a source of power, a relief each month, as an unfortunate side effect of the amazing gift that we have to give birth. My brain recognizes all of these things and still, I see our time of the month as a huge burden. Yes, I’m glad to get it and know that I’m not pregnant when the time rolls around, but there are too many other things that come with my period. Mood swings. Odd sensations my body doesn’t get the rest of the month. You know, like when you know you’ve sprung a leak or something. Running out to buy more tampons. Making sure I have enough in my purse, or sneaking products from my backpack to a pocket when I have to leave class for an emergency trip to the Ladies’ room.

I find it unfortunate that with all the other things women have to deal with that men don’t worry about, we also have this. I find the whole ordeal messy, distracting, and honestly I wish the government could find a way to subsidize feminine products or something. I hate having to budget for tampons and liners and whatever else I’m going to need (Aleve, anyone?).

I’ve thought about getting a Diva Cup or similar product, but those just scare me even more. Like I didn’t have enough of a problem learning how to use tampons, now I would have to get something all the way up to my cervix and properly sealed. I would also have to remember to empty it at the right times; honestly, I already forget how long I’ve been using the stuff I’m using. It’s terrible, I know. I’m a terrible role model to women everywhere. Set an alarm for your tampons, ladies!

Yesterday I was at an info session for a trip to Honduras this summer, and the most pressing thought I had was, “Will I be on my period? Can I use tampons in rural Honduras? It’s going to be bad for the environment!”. Still haven’t figured that one out.

My point is, periods suck. They sucked when they started and even though I might be sad when I hit menopause, at least I won’t have any more damn periods!!

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