Sex Drive: Just Push to Start

Just a teensy little update…for the last 2 days or so I’ve actually felt some semblance of a sex drive.

It’s been about two months since I stopped taking my birth control, so I’m pretty pleased. I’ve been in the mood enough to have some dirty fantasies and to actually watch porn without getting bored.

I also discovered that kink.com is only letting people watch 5 previews a day, now. Fuck. Might need to save up so I can get a membership to Sex and Submission.

Anyway, I’m happy. Very happy. Disappointed that I probably won’t go back on BC pills (I love having the extra layer of security) but I really just don’t want to experiment with something else and possibly have another 6 months of downtime in my libido.

I’m also hoping that M and I will have a chance to work things out as time goes on. He knows I still love him very much and he’s going to talk to someone on Tuesday about everything that’s been happening. He’s also been answering my questions and talking to me which has been nice.

Lastly, a plug for ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”! Not sexy and raunchy like American Horror Story, but lovely and romantic. Second episode is on tonight :D



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