TMI Tuesday: Questionable Invitations

1. You have been invited to a lingerie party at the Playboy Mansion. Do you accept? What do you wear?

Hell yeah, I’d accept! Hmm…I would probably wear these knee-high lace up boot heels that I’ve got and this. 

2. You have been invited to a private dinner at Godfather’s Pizza by Herman Cain. Do you accept? Why or why not?

No, thanks. I’m not a Herman Cain fan, and I’m not a republican. I think it would be awkward and conversation would suck, and also I’d be a bit creeped out.

3. Charlie Sheen  is making a movie in the city where you live. You happen to meet him, and he suggests you stop by his hotel for a drink? Do you go?

Hell no.

4. Your boss (of the opposite sex) who has been very flirty with you insists that when you’ve finished a project by working late or on a weekend you bring it by his/her house immediately? Do you go? Yes or no. Do you go alone or take a friend along?

I’d go. I trust the people I work with quite well and we’re a close-knit group. I’m in a profession where people invite their co-workers and such over to their places anyway, so I wouldn’t be worried about anything happening. 

5. You’re working on a political campaign. Late one evening, you get a call from the campaign manager saying the candidate (of the opposite sex) would like to see you right away in his/her hotel room. Do you go? Yes or no. Do you tell someone you are going there or keep it a secret? What do you wear?

Hotel room? I don’t think so. That’s just too much of a creepy set-up for some rape scene or something.

Bonus: What’s the best invitation you’ve received? Why is it memorable?

Meh. I don’t really remember invitations.

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  1. Jack and jill

    Great answers! The boots and chemise you’ll be wearing to the Playboy Mansion sound alluring, and we hope we happen to be there on the same night. ;) Your thoughts about Herman Cain were similar to Jill’s. And your common-sense answers to #4 and #5 are perfect. (We decided to be much more smartassed with our own answers, as we usually do.)


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