Review: Glass Kegel Exerciser from MJ42

I’ve finally gotten around to getting my review up for MJ42 ‘s custom glass kegel exerciser that he made just for me!  J makes a range of beautiful glass items, from pipes to pendants to ornaments.  He even has a glass version of the Elder Wand from Harry Potter. For some sexier items, head over to his mature shop. He makes a variety of glass dildos and kegel exercisers, and he’ll even custom-design one to fit your specific needs!

MJ42 made me a kegel exerciser in some of my favourite colours, blue and green. It’s 1.5″ wide and 2.75″ long, in a sort of teardrop shape with a hole at the top for a cord or ribbon. The blue and green spirals together from the bottom up into an expanse of clear glass. I loved it from the moment he sent me pictures; I can tell how much care was taken in making this kegel exerciser.

In use, MJ42‘s kegel exerciser does the trick. It’s the heaviest of any that I own, and comparable to the weight of the first two in the Je Joue Ami series…about 4.5 oz. I’ve been using a lot of lube for insertion, and tying a piece of lanyard cord around the top of the teardrop. Some days the size is perfect, but others I have trouble inserting the rather large diameter. My fault, of course, but I look forward to using this more as I stretch out and especially after I have kids one day. I do wish that MJ42 would pair up with one of the etsy suppliers who makes silicone toys, in order to get a silicone cord to go with his kegel exercisers. This is because while other kinds of cord are functional for removing the exerciser, I would love to have something permanent and sterilizable. As it is now, I have to cut a new length of cord everytime I use this toy.

Overall, I would recommend MJ42‘s work anyday. It’s a rare opportunity to have something custom-made just for you, and his work is exceptional. On top of that, his prices are reasonable; kegel exercisers go from $30-40 and dildos from $30-90, with one special piece swirled with 22K gold and priced at $220.

The wonderful MJ42 also agreed to answer some questions from my readers!

1. What made you decide to market custom glass toys?

I was actually adopted by a lesbian family while in college who introduced me to the world of strap ons, dildos and adult toys. Many years later I was accepted into a glassblowing internship and begin to make glass art. About halfway through the apprenticeship I realized there was quite a market for adult glass toys, but it was very limited to certain shapes and forms. That is when I began to offer custom glass dildos based on the ideas of the buyer. Since then I have created everything from ray gun dildos to eyeball tentacle glass dildos!

2. Where do you draw your concepts and inspiration from?

Mostly from the customers. You all have amazing ideas for new toys, please keep them coming – I love a challenge. And do not be afraid to write a long description of what you are looking for. The more info you supply, the better I can make a glass toy to fit your wishes. On the other hand, I also thrive on artistic freedom if you are willing to let the universe guide my hand in manifesting the perfect toy for you!

3. How did you first get started as a glass blower?

I was looking for a new career/home and found myself in Austin, TX checking out the city. Fortune than smiled upon me and I stumbled upon a craigslist ad looking for new apprentice glassblowers. I applied and was accepted, did my year of hard labor and became a glassblower. On a side note, any of you looking to become a glassblower in Austin, be VERY wary of who you apply to. If it has anything to do with monkeys, run away as fast as possible and find a more reputable glassblower to apprentice with. I would recommend stopping by your local glass suppliers and chatting with them for a bit to find a reputable local blower.

4. What is your favorite sexual item you’ve made so far? How about your favourite item in your non-mature shop? (pictures would be great!)

That is easy, a customer requested a sparkly rainbow colored unicorn horn dildo a while back and I have made at least four of them now, they are a big hit!

As far as non-mature items, I would probably say my gigantic eyeball steamroller, it smokes wonderfully and is super trippy!

5. What is your favorite drink?

Currently a mango, banana, blueberry smoothie with psyllium husk and kelp, but if you meant alcoholic, I would say plum wine.

6. If you had to pick one sex position for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably missionary, it has the best intimacy and contact with your partner. I tend to value the personal connection over the infinite positions!

7. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting up their own Etsy shop?

Research is key. Search for all the shops that sell the same items you are considering and see how they market them and what is actually selling and what they set there prices at. Also, customer satisfaction is key. Respond to inquiries promptly and professionally and package your items safely. Make sure all of your photos and descriptions are accurate and highlight the selling points of the product. And lastly, do not be afraid to add a personal touch to the listings. Tell a story about the item and really connect with your customers.

Thank you so much to MJ42 for letting me review your stunning work! 

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    MJ42 clearly has some mad skills! This ‘toy’ or ‘decorative ornament’ is gorgeous!!

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