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Spring At Last


Hey everyone, can you believe it’s finally spring! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and I’ll be starting Spring Quarter next week. You may be thinking that this is bad – more school for Dusk, more months of wondering where I’ve gone and if I’ll ever finish my review to-do list. Never fear! …

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Sex Education, Anyone?

This term, I’ve begun working with our Health Promotion department to get some sexual health education experience under my belt! I’m doing a lot of administrative work for them (updating the website and such) but I’m also going to be giving presentations on the proper use of condoms, gloves, and dental dams. We’ve also got …

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Blogger Ed: Blog Design

I recently read a new post by Dangerous Lilly that is far too amazing not to write about and comment on here. A few days ago she posted an extensive article on blog design and how important it is to maintain readability without sacrificing your individual style. I think every new and seasoned blogger should …

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Why Do I Do What I Do?

This is a guest post by the wonderful Teagan Shepard. Here she talks about her sex-ed philosophy and how she became a sex blogger herself. Please visit her at her own site as well! I didn’t have a very sex-positive sex education growing up. I didn’t have much sex education, period, until I went off …

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Lets Talk About Sex….Education

Babeland’s holding a little contest regarding sex ed this month, and I had a bit of a rant that fits this niche perfectly. At my undergraduate institution, we have a column every week called “Sex on Tuesday”. It’s usually one of my favourite pieces of the paper and I’ve known M to cut out and …

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