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Review: Please, Sir

The last time M and I went to Good Vibrations (our last time for a while, I’m afraid) I told him I really wanted to buy some erotica. It’s not often I get the chance to have a real sexy book on my hands, and obtaining my lustful prose online — sometimes fanfiction — isn’t …

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Raffle: American Cancer Society and Relay for Life

Lavender Plug

Have you started planning yet for your next birthday? Chances are that it’s a day of celebration with friends and family. For more than 11 million people worldwide, their next birthday is nothing short of a miracle. This year, I decided to do what I can to make more birthdays for those struggling with cancer …

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Good Vibrations

I love each and every company I’ve chosen to work with, but there’s nothing like having a good old brick-and-mortar sex shop a few blocks from home. I’ve been blessed to live in the bay area and be only a bus ride away from Good Vibrations; it’s one reason I was excited to turn 21 …

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Review: Incoqnito Necktie

Incoqnito Box

As many of my friends already know, I draw a fine line between my daily persona and the kinky she-devil I’m hiding inside. I wear lace up black boots and fishnets to class and make passing remarks about handcuffs in general conversation. It’s a surprise that most of my friends still don’t realize (or haven’t …

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Thanksgiving Vacation

I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up, I’m headed out of town for Thanksgiving this year. I’ll be down in LA with the boyfriend’s family, so I won’t be posting here, checking my email, or on Twitter. Gotta keep those parents thinking I’m just an innocent girl in love with their son ^_~ What …

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