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Review: Glass Kegel Exerciser from MJ42


I’ve finally gotten around to getting my review up for MJ42 ‘s custom glass kegel exerciser that he made just for me!  J makes a range of beautiful glass items, from pipes to pendants to ornaments.  He even has a glass version of the Elder Wand from Harry Potter. For some sexier items, head over to his mature shop. He makes a variety of glass dildos and kegel exercisers, …

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Custom Glass Kegel Exerciser

Glass Kegel Exerciser

I’ve been lucky enough in my stumblings across the interwebs to find a sexy gem in the Etsy community…MJ42! J makes a range of beautiful glass items, from pipes to pendants to ornaments! He even has a glass version of the Elder Wand from Harry Potter. Hell to the yeah. My favourite items, however, are …

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Ami and Pregnancy

I was browsing my site stats today when I noticed that one of my visitors had searched for information on using the Je Joue Ami during pregnancy. Though I’m not an expert, I wanted to comment here with my opinion should this visitor (or others) have the same question again. Firstly, if you are asking …

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Review: Ami by Je Joue

Ami I, II, III

The first time I read about kegel exercises, it was in Stephen Colbert’s book, I Am America (And So Can You)! “Now, the ladies who sign on and install a Bowflex™ in their privates say that there are all sorts of benefits, including increased sexual pleasure for both partners. I’m not buying it. Hey, everyone …

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