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Why Do I Do What I Do?

This is a guest post by the wonderful Teagan Shepard. Here she talks about her sex-ed philosophy and how she became a sex blogger herself. Please visit her at her own site as well! I didn’t have a very sex-positive sex education growing up. I didn’t have much sex education, period, until I went off …

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Lets Talk About Sex….Education

Babeland’s holding a little contest regarding sex ed this month, and I had a bit of a rant that fits this niche perfectly. At my undergraduate institution, we have a column every week called “Sex on Tuesday”. It’s usually one of my favourite pieces of the paper and I’ve known M to cut out and …

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Pilot Contraceptive Program on the Isle of Wight

While browsing the Telegraph today, my attention immediately fell on an article about a pilot birth control program on the Isle of Wight. Fascinated, I read through the article and clapped my hands. Under the new program, teenagers as young as 13 will be able to get a month’s supply of contraceptive pills without a …

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