WW: Figure

This week I’ve got one of many photos that M and I took during our anniversary holiday. It’s the first one that shows most of my figure. Also, funnily enough, this week’s theme is summer and I’m wearing half my bikini in this shot.

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  1. Pixel

    You have such lovely lines to your body! I’m rather jealous that you have a lick-line down your spine…so pretty!

    1. Dusk

      Aww, thank you! I’ve never had a great appreciation for my figure but I’m learning to fall in love :)

  2. Catharine

    You have an amazing figure, and I’m also loving that your bikini is shiny and turquoise!

    1. Dusk

      Thank you! This is my favourite bikini ever, it looks fantastic underwater too.

  3. Molly

    Such a beautiful figure, this photograph shows the stunning outline of your body off perfectly


  4. Arthur & Annabelle

    Shiny clothing always just makes me think it’s more made for taking off than wearing ;)

    - Arthur

  5. KaziGrrl

    I now need to trot out and find myself some shininess :)

  6. Jade

    You have a perfectly scrumptious figure. And love the shiny bikini too! :-)

  7. Jess

    Well now I want to see the bikini with its top. And like everyone else is saying, you do have a nice body.

  8. Dangerous Lilly

    i LOVE that bikini but moreso i love what it does for your ass. HOT.

  9. Jezzy

    very sexy shot and mmmhmmm nice bottom in your bikini bottom — beautiful.

  10. DDD

    Okay. I really like this photo. But when I read what you wrote about how it looks under water, that’s all I can think about. Do you have a waterproof camera;-)?

    1. Dusk

      I don’t, but maybe I can find one!

  11. macho99

    Is this a rope-less rope session shot? hehe

    lovely photo and beautiful figure!

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